Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two articles about brain tumor initiating cells

Hedgehog signaling regulates brain tumor initiating cell proliferation and portends shorter survival for patients with PTEN-coexpressing glioblastomas by Qijin Xu, Xiangpeng Yuan, Gentao Liu, Keith L Black, John S Yu, Stem Cells 2008(Sep 11) [Epub ahead of print][PubMed Citation].

SOX2 silencing in glioblastoma tumor initiating cells causes stop of proliferation and loss of tumorigenicity by Rosaria Maria Rita Gangemi and 9 co-authors, including Giorgio Corte, Stem Cells 2008(Oct 23) [Epub ahead of print][PubMed Citation].

Neither of these articles is openly accessible.

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  1. See also: ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Presents Data Demonstrating Immune Response Targeting Cancer Stem Cells, Business Wire, November 12, 2008. Excerpt: CD-133-positive cancer stem cells continue to renew themselves, therefore causing tumors to proliferate and grow. They are resistant to chemotherapy, which contributes to cancer recurrence following treatments with currently available therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation. Targeting cancer stem cells with an immunotherapy such as ICT-121 may enable the cancer cells to be destroyed at their very root so that they can no longer proliferate. IMUC’s data were presented over the weekend at the International Society for Biological Therapy of Cancer (iSBTC) Conference in San Diego, California by John Yu, M.D., scientific founder and chairman of the board of IMUC, and co-inventor of IMUC’s technology.