Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Aging, inflammation and cancer

Aging and inflammation: etiological culprits of cancer by Aamir Ahmad and 5 co-authors, including Fazlul H Sarkar, Curr Aging Sci 2009(Dec); 2(3): 174-86 [PubMed Citation][Full text in PMC]. Excerpt from the full text:
In the context of cancer, like normal tissues, various cancerous tissues also harbor a minor population of cells with enormous self-renewal and tumor-initiating capacity. Such cells are referred to as tumor-initiating cells or cancer stem cells, which offer an attractive target for cancer therapy [136] provided that normal stem cells are spared from the side effects of therapy. A number of molecular events that mark stem cell aging also occur in tumors in the elderly [134] and, as such, play important roles in the processes of cancer and aging, suggesting that these two processes are intertwined.
Comment: The full text of this article is available via PubMed Central (PMC). However, if accessed at the website of Current Aging Science (a journal of Bentham Science Publishers), the full text can only be purchased, and prior registration is required.For some background information about this publisher, see an entry in the French version of Wikipedia [Google translation into English]. (This entry is currently not available in the English version of Wikipedia).

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