Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Targeting A20 Decreases Glioma SC Survival and Tumor Growth

Targeting A20 Decreases Glioma Stem Cell Survival and Tumor Growth by Anita B Hjelmeland and 10 co-authors, including Jeremy N Rich, PLoS Biol 2010(Feb 23); 8(2): e1000319 [FriendFeed entry][Connotea bookmark].

For a news release about this publication, see: Researchers identify a potential therapeutic target for brain cancer, EurekAlert, February 22, 2010. First paragraph:
Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic report the identification of a protein that is highly expressed in a subgroup of glioblastoma brain tumor cells and show that depletion of this protein increases the survival of mice with these tumors. This work will be published in the online open-access journal PLoS Biology.

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