Saturday, June 26, 2010

On glioma recurrence and CSCs

Decreasing glioma recurrence through adjuvant cancer stem cell inhibition by Josh Neman and Rahul Jandial, Biologics: Targets & Therapy 2010(Jun 19); 4: 157-62 [OA review][FriendFeed entry]. Abstract:
Gliomas remain one of the most challenging solid organ tumors to treat and are marked clinically by invariable recurrence despite multimodal intervention (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation). This recurrence perhaps, is as a consequence of the failure to eradicate a tumor cell subpopulation, termed cancer stem cells. Isolating, characterizing, and understanding these tumor-initiating cells through cellular and molecular markers, along with genetic and epigenetic understanding will allow for selective targeting through therapeutic agents and holds promise for decreasing glioma recurrence.

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