Monday, November 24, 2008

CSC research programs: Sheila K Singh

Sheila K Singh, McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute. Excerpt:
Dr. Singh's research program is centred on the study of cancer stem cells. She recently identified an abnormal stem cell that may drive the formation of brain tumours. Using the cell surface protein CD133, Dr. Singh has characterized a rare subpopulation of brain tumour cells that exclusively generate a replica of the patient's tumour and exhibit self-renewal ability in vivo through serial retransplantation.

Her research program will focus on further molecular and genetic characterization of the brain tumour initiating cell (BTIC), and the molecular signalling pathways that are dysregulated in this cell to allow for brain tumorigenesis.
See also: Identification of human brain tumour initiating cells by Sheila K Singh and 8 co-authors, including Peter B Dirks, Nature 2004(Nov 18); 432(7015): 396-401 [PubMed Citation][Google Scholar].

Re articles published in Nature: please note the current NPG author licence policy. Excerpt:
When a manuscript is accepted for publication in an NPG journal, authors are encouraged to submit the author's version of the accepted paper (the unedited manuscript) to PubMedCentral or other appropriate funding body's archive, for public release six months after publication.

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