Friday, April 3, 2009

Cancer Stem Cells Generated by Cancer Outgrowth

Mouse Fibroblasts Lacking RB1 Function Form Spheres and Undergo Reprogramming to a Cancer Stem Cell Phenotype, by Yongqing Liu and 10 co-authors, including Douglas C Dean, Cell Stem Cell 2009(Apr 3); 4(4), 336-47. [Summary][Publicly accessible full text].

Examples of related news items:

Cancer stem cells generated by cancer outgrowth, Life Sciences World, April 2, 2009. First sentence:
Scientists have discovered that growing mouse skin cells in spheres can lead to generation of cells with properties of cancer stem cells, even without genetic manipulation of stem cell genes.
Cancer Stem Cells Generated by Cancer Outgrowth, Disabled World, April 2, 2009.


  1. Another commentary: What makes a cancer stem cell? by Asher Mullard, Nature Reports Stem Cells, April 16, 2009.