Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates sent to Twitter, April 5-11

Updates about CSC sent to Twitter during April 5-11:

Cancer stem cells: relevance to stem cell transplantation (gratis OA review) [April 10]. Found via:
[Full text is publicly accessible].

Human glioblastoma–derived cancer stem cells treated with oncolytic herpes simplex virus vectors [April 10]. Found via:

Aldehyde Dehydrogenase 1 Is a Marker for Normal and Malignant Human Colonic Stem Cells (SC)... [April 9] :

How new California bond funds might flow to CIRM (Monya Baker, The Niche, April 8, 2009) [April 9]:

CIRM Research Updates - Posts tagged with 'Cancer' [April 9]:

Reovirus kills cancer stem cells (about the article in Molecular Therapy, 17 March 2009) [April 9]:

Oncolytic Reovirus Effectively Targets Breast Cancer Stem Cells, Molecular Therapy (17 March 2009) [April 9]:

Targeting cancer stem cells for more effective therapies: taking out cancer's locomotive engine [April 5]:

Cancer stem cells: the emerging challenge of drug targeting, Curr Med Chem 2009;16(4):394-416 [April 5]:

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