Thursday, November 5, 2009

Featured Article in Cell Stem Cell (Nov 09)

Featured article in the November 6, 2009 issue of Cell Stem Cell (access to the Featured Article is free for all readers):
Malignant glioma remains challenging to treat, despite the use of aggressive surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Although the concept of cancer stem cells reveals a new framework of cancer therapeutic strategies against malignant glioma, it remains unclear how glioma stem cells could be eradicated. In this issue, Miyazono and colleagues demonstrate that autocrine TGF-β signaling helps maintain glioma-initiating cells and find that chemical inhibition blocks the TGF-β-Sox4-Sox2 signaling axis, resulting in glioma cell differentiation in culture and loss of in vivo tumor-forming capacity. Therefore, clinical disruption of this pathway may represent a therapeutic paradigm against gliomas.
Autocrine TGF-β Signaling Maintains Tumorigenicity of Glioma-Initiating Cells through Sry-Related HMG-Box Factors by Hiroaki Ikushima and 5 co-authors, including Kohei Miyazono, Cell Stem Cell 2009(Nov 6); 5(5): 504-14). [Full text].

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