Saturday, November 7, 2009

Heterogeneity in the AML stem cell pool

Heterogeneity in the AML stem cell pool by Laura E Hays, Blood 2009(Nov 5); 114(19): 3976-7 [PubMed Citation][FriendFeed entry]. Excerpt:
To examine AML and stem cell diversity, Heuser and colleagues develop a novel murine model that closely mimics aggressive human AML and demonstrate an essential role of Stat5 in leukemic stem cell renewal.
Comment on: Modeling the functional heterogeneity of leukemia stem cells: role of STAT5 in leukemia stem cell self-renewal by Michael Heuser and 14 co-authors, including Gerald Krystal and R Keith Humphries, Blood 2009(Nov 5); 114(19): 3983-93 [Epub 2009(Aug 10)][PubMed Citation].

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