Saturday, March 13, 2010

MicroRNA-34a is a potential therapeutic agent for glioma SC?

See the open-access article: microRNA-34a is tumor suppressive in brain tumors and glioma stem cells by Fadila Guessous and 7 co-authors, including Roger Abounader, Cell Cycle 2010(Mar 18); 9(6) [Epub ahead of print][FriendFeed entry][PubMed citation]. Last 3 sentences of the Abstract:
The new data show that miR-34a expression inhibits various malignancy endpoints in glioma stem cells. Importantly, they also show for the first time that miR-34a expression induces glioma stem cell differentiation. Altogether, the data suggest that miR-34a is a tumor suppressor and a potential potent therapeutic agent that acts by targeting multiple oncogenic pathways in brain tumors and by inducing the differentiation of cancer stem cells.

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