Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stand Up To Cancer Canada Dream Teams

This tweet was posted today: The link embedded in the tweet takes one to a press release entitled: "SU2C Canada Announces Up To $22.6 Million CAD Available for Stand Up To Cancer Canada Dream Teams". Two excerpts:
Two Dream Team funding opportunities are available, one for translational research focused on breast cancer and the other on cancer stem cells:
The Stand Up To Cancer Canada Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team will provide approximately $10.6 million CAD over a four-year term, with funds from the CSCC (through Genome Canada and CIHR) and SU2C Canada. The Call for Ideas seeks to support a single, integrated, and cohesive pan-Canadian team bringing together key stakeholders – researchers, clinicians, industry, nongovernmental organizations, and funders – with the goal of improving the outcomes of hard-to-treat cancers by focusing on the role of cancer stem cells and stem cell programs on resistance and treatment failure in cancer. The team will employ new tools of modern biology, with an emphasis on genomics.
• Additionally, the two qualifying Dream Teams may each receive supplementary funds up to $3 million over four years from OICR, to support clinical trial activities in the province of Ontario.

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