Wednesday, October 22, 2014

SU2C Canada Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team Research Funding

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The Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) Canada Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team Research Funding represents a new, focused effort to implement advances in Cancer Stem Cell research as rapidly as possible through the creation of a collaborative, translational cancer research "Dream Team." The most talented and promising researchers across Canadian institutions will be assembled into a pan-Canadian Dream Team, forming an optimal configuration of expertise needed to solve key problems in Cancer Stem Cells and positively impact patients in the near future. This Dream Team will span multiple disciplines and utilize the new tools of modern biology, with an emphasis on genomics, to attack research questions in a coordinated way. The Dream Team will have mechanisms for sharing of resources and platforms (knowledge, talent, tools, technologies, etc.) across the Team including existing platforms and resources as well as those to be developed, incorporating new methods and technologies into the research groups, and training and networking across the Dream Team. Mechanisms to foster collaborations within and among the Dream Teams will be employed, an approach that promotes the sharing of information and a goal-oriented focus on measurable milestones of progress.
There are currently $10.6 million CAD available for this SU2C Canada Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team, with funds from the CSCC (through Genome Canada and CIHR) and SU2C Canada. The SU2C Canada Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team will be funded for a four-year term.
In addition to the funds available from the CSCC (through Genome Canada and CIHR) and SU2C Canada, the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) has made available up to $3 million of supplemental funds to support clinical trial activities should the successful proposal include clinical trial activities within the province of Ontario (please see "SU2C Canada-OICR Cancer Clinical Trials: Canadian Dream Team Supplementary Funding" document which can be downloaded from proposalCENTRAL). It should be noted that clinical trial activities in any region of the country can be supported by the $10.6 million available from Genome Canada, CIHR, and SU2C Canada. Continued efforts to partner and collaborate with other organizations to support the objectives of the SU2C Canada Cancer Stem Cell Dream Team are ongoing. As other partnerships are confirmed the relevant information will be communicated to potential applicants. Applicants are also encouraged to explore potential partnering and collaboration opportunities.

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