Monday, December 8, 2008

NV-128 potentially active against CSC

Novogen's NV-128 shows potential activity against cancer stem cells, Recent News, Novogen, December 1, 2008. Excerpts:
Pharmaceutical company Novogen Limited (ASX: NRT Nasdaq: NVGN) today announced that work performed in collaboration with a Yale University research team led by Associate Professor Gil Mor, MD, PhD, has revealed its novel mTOR inhibitor NV-128 has the potential to act against cancer stem cells in addition to rapidly proliferating cells in established solid tumours.

“Yale’s research team is finding that NV-128 has a high level of potency against cancer stem cells,” said Dr Gil Mor. “In fact, of the investigational therapies Yale has tried, NV-128 is one of the most exciting to us.”
Structurally, NV-128 is an analogue of triphendiol and phenoxodiol, both of which are investigational drugs that have been licensed by Novogen to Marshall Edwards, Inc.
See also: Novogen: NV-128 potentially active against cancer stem cells, Biotech Daily, December 2, 2008.

And: Marshall Edwards' Phenoxodiol and Novogen's NV-128 Display Divergent Mechanisms of Action but Potent Synergistic Anti-Cancer Activity When Used in Combination, Marketwire, October 30, 2008.

And: Anti-tumor activity of phenoxodiol: from bench to clinic by Ayesha B Alvero and 6 co-authors, including Gil Mor, Future Oncol 2008(Aug); 4(4): 475-82. [PubMed Citation].

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