Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More on financial outlook for CIRM

CIRM Touts Its Financial Outlook by David Jensen, California Stem Cell Report, February 17, 2009. Excerpts:
CIRM has officially but quietly announced that it hopes to raise $400 million through 2010 by selling California state bonds privately, a task never before achieved in state history.
The information on the private placement goal was posted Friday on the CIRM web site with virtually no notice or fanfare. ...
While the agency is now about seven months away from running out of cash, the Friday item has a positive headline, "CIRM's Financial Commitments Are Secure." The language is tailored to reassure grant applicants, especially those applying for the $210 million disease team RFA that was also posted on Friday.
[For information about the Disease Team RFA, see this previous post: CSCC and CIRM announce a Collaborative Funding Partner Program, February 15, 2009].

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