Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video from Stanford about CSC

Cancer Stem Cells: The Origin of Cancer. Video (Runtime: 00:48:26) produced by Stanford University Medical Center, February 11, 2009. Description:
Irving Weissman, professor of developmental biology at Stanford University Medical Center, addresses what cancer stem cells are, how they maintain themselves and why they may be resistant to some current treatments. Weissman also talks about the "don't eat me" signal and how it relates to the growth of certain types of cancer cells. Find out how Stanford scientists and clinicians are working to identifying cancer stem cells in many types of tumors and how they have used that information to develop new therapeutic strategies.
Comment: Captions are available for this video. If viewed using QuickTime, the captions will be visible when the video is launched. (Unfortunately, the captions haven't been copyedited by the speaker, and contain some errors).

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