Saturday, August 15, 2009

Antitumor activity of anti-DLL4 antibodies

Data Published in Cell Stem Cell Demonstrates Potent Anti-Cancer Activity for OncoMed Pharmaceuticals Lead Antibody, Health Informer, August 7, 2009. Subtitle: Targeting Cancer Stem Cells Dramatically Reduces Tumor Growth and Recurrence in Preclinical Models. First paragraph:
OncoMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the publication in Cell Stem Cell of data demonstrating potent anti-cancer activity in colon and breast cancer models for the company’s first product candidate, OMP-21M18, underlining the therapeutic potential of targeting cancer stem cells to treat solid tumors. OMP-21M18 is currently in Phase 1 clinical testing.
The publication: DLL4 Blockade Inhibits Tumor Growth and Reduces Tumor-Initiating Cell Frequency by Timothy Hoey and 14 co-authors, including Michael F Clarke, John Lewicki and Austin Gurney, Cell Stem Cell 2009(Aug 7); 5(2): 168-77. [PubMed Citation][FriendFeed entry].[Full text of this "Featured Article", via Gratis OA][Full text PDF].

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  1. A compound has been discovered that targets specific master cells that aid in the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Salinomycin outperformed other drugs by being hundred times more effective at destroying the cells in a test tube. For more details on it, refer stem cells

  2. See also the Wikipedia entry about salinomycin, which includes a case report of human poisoning by salinomycin.

  3. For more information about the research publication on salinomycin, see: Identification of selective inhibitors of breast CSCs in mice, August 14, 2009.