Sunday, January 11, 2009

Characterization of human ESC with features of neoplastic progression

Characterization of human embryonic stem cells with features of neoplastic progression by Tamra E Werbowetski-Ogilvie and 15 co-authors, including Mickie Bhatia, Nat Biotechnol 2009(Jan 4) [Epub ahead of print][PubMed Citation]. Examples of news items about this research:

Scientists can now differentiate between healthy cells and cancer cells, Daily News, McMaster University, January 5, 2009.

Canadian researchers discover how to ID 'bad' from normal stem cells, CBC News, January 5, 2008.

Tests helps tease out 'good' stem cells from cancer-causing ones: study by Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press, 2009. The first two sentences:
One of the big worries about one day using stem cells to grow new organs and other tissues for curing disease is that these little regenerative powerhouses could give rise to tumours and end up doing more harm than good.
Now Canadian researchers have found a way to tell good stem cells from bad.

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