Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First CCSIP Call for Proposals

The Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership (CCSIP) has announced, in its News and Publications section, its first Call for Proposals (CFP) for Collaborative Initiatives Between California and Canada [16-page PDF], dated December 23, 2008. A Promotional Summary [3-page PDF] and FAQ Document [5-page PDF] are also available. The 16-page CFP is also available via the websites of ISTPCanada and the University of California Office of the President. An excerpt from the FAQ:
2. What types of proposals are requested under this CFP?
CCSIP is hosting a university-led Call for Proposals for Collaborative Initiatives between Canada and California. The objective of this CFP is to stimulate novel ideas, and catalyze the development of innovative multi–campus and multi–disciplinary research and educational collaborations between the two jurisdictions.
Under this CCSIP CFP, financial support is available for two types of bilateral initiatives, including the:
• Conduct of focused bilateral round tables, workshops and/or symposia that lead to novel methods or approaches for collaborative research. These proposals should request $15,000 to $50,000 in total funding2.
[Footnote 2: Includes funds from both Canadian and Californian sponsors]
• Development and delivery of a detailed R&D business plans for early-stage bilateral initiatives that help to propel the concept to the next stage of development (following the conduct of workshops and associated research). These proposals should request about $100,000 in total funding.
Excerpts from the Promotional Summary:
Each proposal must include a Principal Investigator (PI) from a participating Canadian university1, and a PI from the University of California system.
[Footnote 1: A current list of participating Canadian universities may be found in Appendix A of the CFP document]

[Some paragraphs omitted, including a section on Type of Proposals Requested]
Focus of Proposals:
Bilateral university research teams are encouraged to put forward short proposals for collaborative initiatives that aim to address key priorities shared by California and Canada, capitalize on the complementary strengths of both jurisdictions and emphasize delivery to the market place.
[Some paragraphs omitted, including sections on Selection Criteria, Specifications for Letters of Intent and Complete Proposals, and Evaluation Process]
• Letters of Intent: February 27, 2009; 2PM PST, UCOP and ISTPCanada will announce all selected Letters on March 16, 2009
• Requested Proposals: May 1, 2009, 2PM PST
Funding Decisions: The CCSIP Steering Committee, together with UCOP and ISTPCanada, expect to announce funding for all successful bilateral initiatives by July 1, 2009
[Some additional paragraphs omitted, including sections on How to Apply and Additional Information]

Note that, in the Areas of Focus section of the CCSIP website, the first topic listed under Specific RD&D Project Areas is: Cancer Stem Cells.

A relevant previous post is: News release from CCISP, December 13, 2008.

Thanks to Cindy Bell for information about the first CCSIP Call for Proposals.


  1. Questions 7 and 8 of the FAQ are noteworthy. Question 7 is entitled: "What financial commitment is required from Canadian universities to enable their researchers to be a Principal Investigator on a proposal for this CCSIP CFP?"

    The first two paragraphs of the answer to this question:

    "Principal Investigators (PIs) must come from a participating university. To participate in this CFP, Canadian universities are required to commit CDN$60,000 to support successful proposals from their university. Should researchers from the university be part of an approved proposal under this CFP, the CCSIP program will draw on the CDN$60,000 set aside by the university to support such initiatives."

    "Following the CFP evaluation and selection process, ISTPCanada will provide participating universities and other organizations with a list of the academics from their institution on approved applications, and the associated ‘price tag’ with the proposed initiatives. This ‘price tag’ will reflect the degree of involvement and the associated costs of their participation in the proposal. These costs will be deduced from the university-approved budget submitted in the application."

    Question 8 is entitled: "When a university or other sponsor supports successful bilateral initiatives under this CFP, are funds required in US or Canadian dollars?"

    The answer:

    "All universities, companies and other investors that finance projects under the CCSIP CFP will allocate funds in their respective national currency."

    Also noteworthy is the paragraph at the bottom of page 5/16 of the CFP:

    "Please note: Awards are contingent on the availability of funding committed in the proposal from participating sponsors. Recipients are required to meet all institutional, state and federal regulatory requirements for their proposed activity."