Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Support for Warburg theory of cancer

Cardiolipin and electron transport chain abnormalities in mouse brain tumor mitochondria: lipidomic evidence supporting the Warburg theory of cancer by Michael A Kiebish, Xianlin Han, Hua Cheng, Jeffrey H Chuang and Thomas N Seyfried, J Lipid Res 2008(Dec); 49(12): 2545-56 [Epub 2008 Aug 13][PubMed Citation]. News items:

Study results from Boston College, Department of Biology in the area of brain cancer cell biology published, Pharmacy Choice, December 29, 2008.

Don't Throw Off Warburg Theory of Cancer Just Yet, Medgadget, January 12, 2009. Excerpt:
Boston College biologists and colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine found new evidence to support Warburg's theory by examining mitochondrial lipids in a diverse group of mouse brain tumors, specifically a complex lipid known as cardiolipin (CL). They reported their findings in the December edition of the Journal of Lipid Research.

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