Sunday, March 1, 2009

An experiment with Twitter

An experiment by the Editor: I joined Twitter in late December, 2008 (see: Twitter / jimtill). Until now, I've seldom provided updates. However, as an experiment, I plan to post more frequently. The posts will be brief updates about topics of personal interest, including ones relevant to the two blogs that I currently edit (this one, and Be Openly Accessible or Be Obscure, a blog on topics related to the Open Access movement). The individual updates will involve no more than 140 characters (because that's the maximum allowed by Twitter), but related updates can be posted sequentially. My initial goal: to increase the number of "followers" of my Twitter page (and especially, to add "followers" who find the updates to be a useful adjunct to one or the other of the two blogs that I edit). The RSS feed url of updates to my Twitter page is:

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  1. Gunther Eysenbach has noted that "As twitter and microblogging is gaining momentum as a social phenomenon, a number of researchers start wondering how to cite tweets ..... A related issue is how to digitally preserve and archive tweets. For example, using twitter search, one can currently only search a few months back, older tweets are not retrievable." See: How to cite twitter, how to cite tweets, how to archive tweets (April 5, 2009).

    He then describes how to archive tweets using WebCite®.

    I'll not be archiving the links to tweets even though they may cease to be retrievable, unless they provide information that may be of continuing interest.