Friday, March 6, 2009

Focal points for discussion about CSC

Cancer Stem Cells: Controversial or Just Misunderstood? Craig T Jordan, Cell Stem Cell 2009(Mar 6); 4(3): 203-5. Summary:
While a broad range of expertise has recently come to bear on the intriguing topic of cancer stem cells, the overall relevance of stem cells as they relate to cancer remains in dispute. In this commentary, underlying points of contention are described with the aim of defining focal points for discussion and future consideration.

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  1. The full text of this article is currently publicly accessible. The first two sentences of the section entitled "Utility of CSCs as a Therapeutic Target": "Given the concepts outlined above, it appears that debating the existence of CSCs or their frequency is not a particularly useful exercise, and the scientific community would be well served to move beyond these issues. Rather, the more pertinent question is whether studying and targeting CSC is important for developing better forms of therapy."