Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Multipotent stromal cells as a Trojan horse?

Link between cancer stem cells and adult mesenchymal stromal cells: implications for cancer therapy by Christian Jorgensen, Regen Med 2009(Mar);4(2): 149-52 [PubMed Citation][Publicly accessible full text]. First paragraph:
A new concept has emerged in tumor biology suggesting that tumoral growth is derived from cancer stem cells (CSCs) present in the tumor. Moreover, these CSCs share common features with adult stem cells. In parallel, recent works have highlighted interactions between multipotent stromal cells (MSCs) and carcinoma, and the possible use of MSCs in cell-based anticancer therapies. Thus, translational research between fields of stem cells and tumor biology has changed our perception of carcinoma progression. The therapeutic implications are considerable and imply that to eradicate cancer we need to identify and target the CSCs as well as the MSCs that have migrated to the stroma.
Thanks to Alexey Bersenev, via Twitter/cells_nnm.

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