Saturday, March 7, 2009

Updates sent to Twitter, March 1-7

Updates about CSC sent to Twitter during the first week of March:

Cancer stem cells in solid tumors: an overview, by O'Brien CA, Kreso A, Dick JE (Apr 2009) [March 7]:

Brain tumors: New therapy surprisingly successful (March 06, 2009) [March 7]:

Resistance to Endocrine Therapy: Are Breast Cancer Stem Cells the Culprits? [March 5]:

Stem Cells Create Personalized Tumor in Mouse (about the niche dependency article by Katz, Skorecki & Tzukerman) [March 3]:

Variable niche dependency for the tumorigenic capacity of different cancer cell subpopulations [March 3]:

First identification of cancer stem cells in Ewing's sarcoma family tumors (ESFT) [March 2]:

Press release (24 Feb 2008) from Immunocellular Theraputics, about the CSC vaccine product candidate, ICT-121 [March 2]:

Cancer stem cells, hypoxia and metastasis, RP Hill et al. Semin Radiat Oncol 2009(Apr);19(2):106-11. Abstract [March 2]:

Does eradication of CSC yield a successful therapeutic strategy? Question posed by RJ Jones & SA Armstrong [March 1] PMC:

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