Saturday, May 9, 2009

Leukemic stem cells in blast crisis CML

The CML stem cell: evolution of the progenitor by Scott A Stuart, Yosuke Minami and Jean YJ Wang, Cell Cycle 2009(May 1); 8(9): 1338-43 [Epub 2009 May 17][PubMed Citation][Full text PDF (Gratis OA)].

Last paragraph of the section of full text entitled CML Stem Cells and CML Therapy:
While the differences between CSCs and cells of the bulk tumor may prevent CSCs from being eliminated by therapies that target the bulk tumor, these differences may also provide unique therapeutic targets. Therefore, the identification of cancer stem cells may open the door to new targeted therapies as the differences between the cancer stem cell, the bulk tumor, and normal cells are realized. The observation that the leukemic GMPs in CML blast crisis largely depend on the β-catenin pathway for self-renewal point to this pathway as one attractive therapeutic target. Future studies with purified populations of HSCs and GMPs from patients with CML will be essential to identifying additional differences amenable to therapeutic intervention.
[CSCs = cancer stem cells; CML = chronic myeloid leukemia; HSCs = hematopoietic stem cells; GMPs = granulocyte-macrophage progenitors].

Found via Twitter. (Thanks to Alexey Bersenev).

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