Monday, May 4, 2009

Updates sent to Twitter, April 26-May 2

Updates about CSC sent to Twitter during April 26-May 2:

The leukemic stem cell niche - current concepts and therapeutic opportunities. [May 1] See:
[PubMed Abstract]

Use of CTIP2 and BMI1 co-labeling to distinguish tumor initiating cells in human head and neck tumors (OA) [April 30]:
[Full text is openly accessible at PLoS ONE 2009(Apr 28); 4(4): e5367 (via Libre OA)].

PTEN, Stem Cells, and Cancer Stem Cells, Reginald Hill and Hong Wu, J Biol Chem 2009(May 1); 284(18): 11755-9 [April 29]:

Discussion of CSC at the recent Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium in Madison [April 28]:

Cancer stem cells and their niche (review), Hiroko Iwasaki and Toshio Suda, Cancer Science (Mar 30, 2009) [April 27]:

Ability to continuously generate mammospheres in culture exhausted within five in vitro passages (OA) [April 26]:
[Full text is openly accessible at PLoS ONE 2009(Apr 24); 4(4): e5329 (via Libre OA)].

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