Monday, May 18, 2009

Updates sent to Twitter, May 10-16

Updates about CSC sent to Twitter during May 10-16:

Cancer stem cells - from initiation to elimination, how far have we reached? (Review) [May 13]:
[PubMed Citation][Full text PDF].

Origins and clinical implications of the brain tumor stem cell hypothesis, J Neurooncol 2009(May 9) [May 13]:
[PubMed Citation].

A new epigenetic cancer, Elie Dolgin, The Scientist, 11 May 2009 [May 13]:
[Full text is publicly accessible (free registration is required)].

CD133 may be specifically down-regulated during G0/G1? (PLoS ONE, May 10, 2009) [May 11]:
[Full text is publicly accessible (via Libre OA)].

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