Saturday, May 30, 2009

About updates hashtagged #cancerSC

On March 1, 2008, in a post entitled "An experiment with Twitter", I suggested that Twitter might be useful as an adjunct to this blog. The first set of "Updates sent to Twitter" was posted on March 7.

On May 8, 2009, I began adding the hashtag #cancerSC to updates micro-blogged on Twitter.

FriendFeed, described in a Wikipedia entry as a real-time feed aggregator, can be searched for this hashtag. As of today, the results of a search for #cancerSC yielded 15 items. Fourteen of the 15 items are ones that I have micro-blogged on Twitter. All of these 14 items have also been replicated in the weekly "Updates sent to Twitter" that have been posted to this blog.

A FriendFeed search provides a convenient way to review updates that have been hashtagged #cancerSC. Those who have joined FriendFeed can also post comments about individual updates. An advantage of FriendFeed is that, unlike Twitter, comments posted to FriendFeed need not be limited in length to 140 characters.

Short links to individual items can also be created on FriendFeed. These links permit individual items to be shared more widely. For example, the first update that was hashtagged #cancerSC (dated May 8, 2009) can be accessed via:

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